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Different canned foods with different specifications variety products make convenience in your daily life contacting.

As a key leader & export enterprise in hubei province, we supply Quality & Quantity canned vegetables foods.

With more than 10 years of product & export experiences in canned vegetables fieldo worldwide.

There are dozens of varieties of canned foods including:TOMATO PASTE, BEANS, VEGETABLES & FRUITS, our available foods are as following:

1. Canned tomato paste(70G-4500G) concentration;18-20%,22-24%,28-30%.
2. Canned beans in all kings (142G-3000G), broad beans,green peas,baked beans in tomato sauce,white kidney beans,red kidney beans,chick peas,black beans.
3. Canned vegetable(340G-3000G) as follows:
Cut green beans, Geen Peas, Broad beans, White beans in tomato sauce, Chick peas, Peas & carrot sweet corn, Mixed vegetable, Mushroom

4. Canned fruit(312G-3000G)consist of: Canned yellow peach, canned pear, canned pineapple, canned melon jam, canned mixed jam, canned mandarin orange

We never stop researching & developing new products,and now you can give us a chance.



  • Cut green beans
  • White beans in tomato sauce
  • Peas & carrot sweet corn
  • Mixed vegetable
  • Mushroom
  • Broad beans
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